Hey, HP-reading friendslist?

Sorry I missed church
Help me find a story.  I remember it was H/D, novella-length, and in it Harry had spent time in the Carribean or South America or something before returning to Hogwarts (I think to teach).  The whole thing was peppered with folk magic and bits of spanish and maybe there was a chupacabra in there?  I remember a scene where Harry is comforting Draco, murmuring "hermanito" over and over.

I have a hankering to read the thing again if I can find it.  It's *not* Resonant's Transfigurations, which I just re-read.

Any takers?

Book List 2011

Avatar; Awesome
Current Book(s):

Next up on the List:
When God Was a Woman--Merlin Steele

Completed Fiction:
Land of Painted Caves--Jean Auel
American Gods--Neil Gaiman
Arrows of the Queen--Mercedes Lackey
Arrow's Flight--Mercedes Lackey
Arrow's Fall--Mercedes Lackey
Witches Abroad--Terry Pratchett
Thief of Time--Terry Pratchett
Owlflight--Mercedes Lackey
OwlSight--Mercedes Lackey
Owlknight--Mercedes Lackey
Magic's Pawn--Mercedes Lackey
Magic's Promise--Mercedes Lackey
Magic's Price--Mercedes Lackey
The Lark and the Wren--Mercedes Lackey
The Robin and the Kestrel--Mercedes Lackey
A Cast of Corbies--Mercedes Lackey
The Wee Free Men--Terry Pratchett
A Hat Full of Sky--Terry Pratchett
The Eagle and the Nightingale--Mercedes Lackey
Sword and Shadow--Ann Marston
Nefertiti--Michelle Moran
The Heretic Queen--Michelle Moran
Wild Magic--Tamora Pierce
Here Be Monsters--Christopher Stasheff
The Mountains Call--Caitlin Brennan
Song of Unmaking--Caitlin Brennan
Hogfather--Terry Pratchett
Wintersmith--Terry Pratchett
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo--Steig Larsson

Completed Nonfiction:
Acupuncture Energetics--Joseph Helms, MD
Socks a la Carte

Completed YA/Children's:
City of Bones--Cassandra Clare
City of Ashes--Cassandra Clare
City of Glass--Cassandra Clare
Odd and the Frost Giants--Neil Gaiman

Completed Poetry or Graphic Novel/Comic:

Completed Audiobooks
Shalador's Lady--Anne Bishop
The Hobbit--JRR Tolkien (x2)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--JK Rowling
The Girl Who Chased the Moon--Sara Addison Allen
Twilight's Dawn--Anne Bishop
Reparations--Sara's Girl
Foundations--Sara's Girl

TOTAL (incl YA): 43
TOTAL (excl YA): 39


So, I've been conspicuously absent

Avatar; Toph
for the last ten days (during poetry month no less!) because I had to take Step 3 of my medical boards.

I am happy to report that as of today they are DONE HALLELUJAH DONE FINISHED.

I am spending tonight drinking tea, watching Avatar: the Last Airbender, and knitting.  :)

Now to spam your F-lists with poetry.

Let's start with today and work backwards:

April 16th: Fixing the Bracelet, by Jules MannCollapse )

Easter dinner

I bought an eight pound ham.  I live alone.

I'm going to make ham and kale and sweet potatoes.  Who wants to come hang at mine and help me eat it?

Re: cats

Angel; girl-hugs
So I read Neil Gaiman's blog. 

This week there have been several posts about one of his cats, Zoe, who has an esophageal tumor that was recently discovered.  She is quite rapidly dying, and on Monday the vet will come to put her to sleep.

His entry made me cry.  The blog entry of Zoe's other person Olga also made me cry.

As much as Jackers knocks things from shelves and sleeps on my head, if he were not here I would be SO MUCH MORE LONELY.

I have been snuggling him rather aggressively over the last couple of days.  He, like the secret lovey he is, has turned into a pliable mushpile of a cat and let me do it.

It amazes me every time how hearing about someone else's loss makes you cling to what you've got. 

Everybody go hug your pet.

Jack, 2009


Dear CM friendslist

Criminal minds; Reid
Did anyone else get promised promos of next week's ep and THEN TOTALLY NOT GET ANY?
Sorry I missed church
Book List 2009Collapse )

The weird part is I think I read more nonfiction than fiction.  That's unusual for me.

Tonight I am on call in the ER from 9pm-7am.  I do not want to go.

Voice Post

Sorry I missed church
832K 4:13
(no transcription available)

Voice Post

Sorry I missed church
475K 2:26
(no transcription available)

Voice Post

Sorry I missed church
960K 4:46
(no transcription available)
and textsfromlastnight.com.


(970): Found a waterbottle filled with a bloody mary in my purse this morning. Blacked-out me is always trying to help hungover me, it's so cute.

201): I'm smoking weed out of a trumpet
(908): I just did a slip and slide down the hall way of my apartment building
(201): Tie

(570):  why did i make a hit list last night containing only McDonalds?
(1-570): you tried to order a magarita mcflurry and when they said they didnt make those you tried to call 911

(410): can you sing with all the voices of the mountain? can you paint with al the colors of the windddd
(443): wasted?
(410): im pocohantasssss

(281): How do you jack off and text at the same time?
(1-281): On my iPhone they have an app for that
(They totally do.  You can set it to vibrate. .... I can see that look!)

(240): Banned from zoo.
(301): Again?

(405): Assholes at mcdonalds drive through wouldn't serve us last night even though we said we were on small motorcycles that were to small for them to see and weren't heavy enough for the sensors. We made noises and everything.

(970): I locked my keys in my car in front of planned parenthood. I'm terrified of going inside to ask to borrow a clothes hangar

(508): awoke with 47 plastic lawn flamingos in my bed and on surrounding floor. explanation?
(1-508): you said they were your minions of evil that protected you from ferrets.

It just goes ON like this....I am laughing like a LOON.  Ohmygod my *abs* ow.

So with this new very chill rotation

I have been reading lots.  At moment it's "A Brief History of Science, Disease, and Medicine" which is dense but awesome.

Also I have been trying to work out more.  My sister picked up The Biggest Loser: Power Sculpt DVD, and I borrowed it and I love it.  The trainer's Jillian Michaels.  You guys, this is Jillian Michaels.  I think half the reason I like it so much is that I really want to have her deltoids.  That and she's all "I'm not giving you modified jumping jacks.  I have 400 pound people on my show and they do regular jumping jacks.  So so can you.  Now jump (bitch)!"  And I go I WILL NOT BE CALLED A BITCH BY MY WORKOUT DVD, EVEN IMPLICITLY!!! and then I do regular jumping jacks.
Thus far, verdict on workout videos is thus:
Power Sculpt:  Ow, my arms!  But I feel badass, so.
Weight Loss Yoga:  I still suck at any and all forms of warrior pose.  This is not news.  My thighs hurt; I had forgotten there were muscles there.  Also I swear I used to do side-plank on a regular basis no problem, but I tried tonight and FELL DOWN.  Out of shape.  Yup.
Jillian Michaels 30 day shred:  I am impressed that cardio, lifting and abs are all included in 30 minutes.  Also, ow my everything.

FYI to myself; re Wellness check at work:
Total fasting cholesterol 113         
LDL 46
HDL 57
Fasting Triglycerides 52
Glucose 83
BP 122/80
Height 5'4"
Weight 155.4
Waist 33"

My new rotation is very chill

Sorry I missed church
As such I am currently sitting at home watching Shera: Princess of Power on Hulu.

Get Fuzzy
and already I've:
-changed the litterbox
-vaccuumed the apartment
-made coffee
-eaten breakfast
-washed the dishes
-cleaned the stove
-fed the cat
-made the bed
and put a blueberry-banana bread into the oven.

I am feeling decidedly productive.

Annaliese's first post-call call

Sorry I missed church
328K 1:40
“[groggy-sounding Annaliese]
So, this is a call, for my first post-call ICU, definitely more than 30 hour... shift. Interesting things include "Annalese, hon, your patient has pulled out his feeding tube - and not just his regular feeding tube either, but the kind that goes all the way to his jejunum. What should we do about that?"
And "Doesn't the patient in bed 9 look a lot like *** from the princess bride?"
And rocking out to the radio in the ICU, praying nothing will happen.
And the very interesting admission that I did the *entirety* of before the patient confessed that he never wanted to be intubated ever, and then he improved in the emergency room, so my attending decided he didn't belong on the ICU anyway but I'd already spent an hour and a half working on it.

And then how my senior resident didn't show up because he technically wasn't supposed to because today is a holiday, but how he also neglected to inform any of us of that.
[starting to sound like this talking thing is getting to be a momentous effort]
So, I'm tired, and I came home and I fed the cat... again, and I'm going to go to bed for at least 4 hours 'cause ::yawning:: oh my God, i have to do this at least 8 more times this month and then for another month and then another half a month.
[speech slowing, with longer pauses between sentences]
I am very tired. Okay, the end.”

Transcribed by: psychethesane

Cats + Engineers = Win!


In other news, today I feel like crap.  I meant to drag mself to the grocery store, except now it is raining, and just, no.


Sorry I missed church
You guys.  Give me your favorite recipe that freezes well, and/or your favorite quick meal.  If I am going to be on call for 30 hours followed by 12 off followed by 14 on, for a month, I'm not gonna want to cook. 

I need to make some things ahead of time (like this weekend).  Even my crockpot might not be feasible this month 'cause of how long I'll be gone.

So help me obi-wan f-list!  You're my only hope to avoid malnutrition.
1.  Orientation started today.  Turns out that I'm one of the only ones who actually read the book, so ha.  Sadly, I am incapable of spouting off things like the A-a gradient equation even though I read it, so when Dr. Franz asked us for it I was not able to ameliorate the pin-drop sound in the room.
Good ThingsBad Things
My friends are thereI hate testing scenarios
The other people seem nice tooI felt dumb for part of today
At least it's not Night FloatI HAVE ICU TO START AGH
 ICU IS Q3!!!!

2.  For the record--I will be starting my intern year with a month of ICU.  This is a bad thing.  ICU is Q3, which means "on from 5:30am-7pm one day, on from 5:30am-10am the following day, day off, lather rinse repeat."  At least, people tell me I should get there at like 5:30 or 6 for this rotation.  Dr. Franz, one of the triumvirate which run the ICU, will be there for 1/4 of my weeks.  Franz intimidates me like whoa.  She's the dominant personality to end all others, and not, I think, in a good way.  This is like throwing the baby into the deep end of the pool.

Also if I have to be on call on Sunday, I'm gonna have to figure something out because the bus starts running at like 9am on Sundays.  On all other rotations I only have one Sunday a month so it's no big, but on this one maybe it is?

At least if I get one month of ICU out of the way right away then there's only six more weeks of it this year.  Am I happy about that?

You guys.  My poor kitty is going to hate me for this month of Q3!
  • How do I get him switched to a free feeding system?  I had him all set to be fed at 6 and 6, which works for every rotation EXCEPT THIS ONE.
  • lanning   is mailing me a window perch, so he will have that, and he likes the other windows and has found some other things in my apt to climb on.  But I thought I would have more time to get him trees/perches and stuff.  They haven't paid me yet; I dunno what I can afford right now.  WHAT ELSE CAN I DO TO TRY AND MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T DIE OF BOREDOM WHILE I'M ON FRICKIN Q3 CALL?  He's been happy so far--I don't want him to develop a behavioral problem because I was gone for 10 of 30 days.
  • Help?
ETA:  I caved and bought this cat tree and a scratch post.  (Seriously, the idea of poor JackJack going nuts was giving me hives.  Does it count as an impulse buy if it's accompanied by tremendous relief?  And it was on sale so at least the shipping is offset.)  OTHER SUGGESTIONS TOTALLY STILL WELCOME.  Perhaps I shall just think of this month as being madly overbudget and be at peace with myself.


Things I accomplished today:

Five chapters of Critical Care book--class starts Tuesday; am on Ch 10 and need to read 16 plus appendices.  Stupid work.
Dug weeds out from around the rosebush on one side--am going to ask my landlord if I can plant flowers next to the rosebush.
Made pot pie.
Played with the kitty.
Uploaded apt video.
Paint toenails.
Put remaining clothing away.

So my apt is clean, the cat is happy, I'm working on a garden, and my homework is at least being chipped away at.  All in all, not bad for Friday.

Vid of new apartment!

(faster than writing about it)


Jun. 14th, 2009

And the first baby laughed
Have packed entire van/truck with all the belongings I'm taking at present. 

Have written thankyou notes for presents at awesome party last night.

Have written last minute do-not-forget post it for the morning.

Moving with sibling continues to be awesome in comparison to moving with parents; yay.

We leave for Binghamton at midmorning tomorrow.  I'll be one day without internet, and then I PROMISE i will actually fill y'all in on everything.  Maybe even with photos.  :)


Hey all; sorry I haven't been very prolific lately.

This is to let all of you know that I will be going on vacation to the Dominican Republic, for a week, starting tomorrow.  I will probably not have Internet while I am there.

If you email, I probably won't answer for a week.  If you know me in RL and you have my phone number, I'm not taking the phone with me.

Don't break the 'net in my absence, y'all.

Star Trek; no spoilers


So *much* fanservice, but not overblown. 


Someone tell me there is fic already.

So, you guys.  I am about to become a Mac user!

My old HP is 3 years old now and the hinge is breaking and it's slowing and HP transferred all their tech support to India, and I am so over it.  And I don't like Vista, don't have time for to learn Linux, and don't want to wait for "Windows 7" or whatever the Vista upgrade is going to be.

I always figured when I upgraded again I'd go Mac, because wow are THEY SEXY.  And the DVD drive is a internalized slot so you can't break it like I did my old one.  Macs can talk to other Macs through the AIR!  No hard hookups required!  ("It's like COMPUTER TANTRIC SEX!", as I once exclaimed to a Mac-friend). 

A patient of my mom's is an IT guy, and he and I were talking about Macs one day and he let me in on the secret of buying Macs refurbished for cheaper.  In refurbished non-Pro non-Air Macbooks, I had two choices.  After a little wibbling I went with the extra 200 bucks for an extra 100 GB of HD and extra 0.4 GHz of RAM and lightup keyboard (Lights up!  DUDE!  Byebye squinting at the keyboard in the dark!).

As an aside:  fastest answer to a tech question ever--I chatted with an Apple tech *while shopping* and discovered that I can turn the feature off if I want to watch movies, and it AUTOMATICALLY RESPONDS TO THE AMOUNT OF AMBIENT LIGHT IN THE ROOM.  Both very cool; added bonus for ease-of-tech-support.
In addition I got an Incase hardshell, because the truth is I had a neoprene sleve for my laptop and I never. frelling. used it.  My hope is if the case is attached, I will use it.

After tax this came in at about 1400, which, I don't have a car or a baby or rent for the past several months, it will be OK.  ::rationalizes::
The spending of money triggered me to go pay my credit card bill.  When I did, there was a red notice at the top of the page warning me of "recent possibly fraudulent activity" and asking me to call. 

The statement was fine, so I call them, right?  I got to talk to a very nice woman named Sharon who said  "we put a block on your account because a 1400 charge popped up".  ME:  "Like five minutes ago?"  HER:  "Yes.  Apple.com."  ME:  "Wow, y'all are good.  That was me.  I meant to do that.  But thank you for watching out for me".  HER:  "That's our job, ma'am."

Dude.  Go Citicard go.


May. 7th, 2009

42; geekery
So, who would like to go see Star Trek?

(real update later; promise)
Firefly; Big Damn Heroes

1.  After School Special--"I said, Piper Jane--explain your picture please.  The broad shouldered figure without its head is her daddy, who doesn't think about her enough.  The red swirling clouds are not clouds, they're the roses she throws to all our friends in heaven.  And the cat with its tail snapped off and its claws nailed to the floor?  Is a cat with its tail snapped off and its claws nailed to the floorThe woman with a hole in her chest?  Yeah, that's me.  See I made the mistake of telling her how someone broke my heart once.  So now she hides it away in a special place and won't even tell *me* where it is."

2. Central Park, Mother's Day"I explain, the sky, the trees, the lake.  They do not. Belong. To us."




April 5 & 6: Two Jeffrey McDaniel Poems

April 5th: "when the truth is my toes tingle like the capital of Venezuela."

CaracasCollapse )

April 6th:  "If it's any consolation, when your wife took me in her mouth, I closed my eyes and pretended I was a piece of wedding cake."

Dear Man Whose Marriage I WreckedCollapse )


To the pagans on my Flist:

You guys, I might buy a house.

Today I found out that the house I really liked is being sold to someone not me, and I am sad.

I need to ask the universe for a good house in the neighborhood I want, that I can afford.

I have never tried to ask the universe for real estate before.


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